just wanted to update you guys & let you know that our ask box is STILL empty. that’s why we haven’t been posting! send in any/all of your confessions and we can start working on them asap.


>> April 16, 2014

hi loves! just wanted to let you know that our ask box is completely empty so feel free to send in any & all of your confessions, as well as any questions you may have! 


>> April 9, 2014
Anonymous: thoughts on TheBlushingBrunettes? 

i love her look & her accent is amazing!

>> April 8, 2014
Anonymous: Why don't u post a selfie... I'm curious how "perfect" u are! Keep saying bad stuff about people because what goes around comes around. 

yikes. i definitely don’t send in any of my confessions at all. not sure if you read the FYI on the side of my page but these were all sent in so none of these are my personal opinions. 

>> April 8, 2014
Anonymous: What would you think of a guru who -had dyed hair and piercings -was gay -lived in a more dangerous neighborhood -wasn't rich what so ever And over all was just different? 

this is definitely a very precise description, haha! i would definitely watch the guru for sure. i actually watch a lot of smaller gurus that aren’t popular & aren’t all that girly either. so i usually do like anyone out of the norm.

>> April 8, 2014